Daily Announcements, November 7, 2018

Daily Announcements, November 7, 2018
McGee LogoToday is Day 4

The rotation for today is: HR-A-B-C-D-E-F-G

Today’s lunch is:
Breakfast will be served at the usual time.

HR 7:35 - 7:40
A 7:43 - 8:14
B 8:17 - 8:48
C 8:51 - 9:22
D 9:25 – 9:56
E 9:59 - 10:30
F 10:33 – 11:04
G 11:07 - 11:40

John Murray, Royal Governor of Virginia, starts the first mass emancipation of slaves in North America in 1775, offering freedom for slaves who fight for the British
Tecumseh’s War, or the Battle of Tippecanoe, is fought in 1811
The ship Mary Celeste, famous as a ghost ship, sails from England in 1872.
A cartoon by Thomas Nast in 1874 is the first to use an elephant to represent the Republican Party
Women in Colorado gain the right to vote in 1893
The first air freight shipment happens in 1910
Jeanette Rankin becomes in 1916 the first woman elected to Congress
The first Palmer Raid on suspected Communists happens in the US in 1919
The Museum of Modern Art in NYC opens in 1929
In 1933, Fiorello LaGuardia becomes the 99th Mayor of New York City
The original Tacoma Narrows Bridge, or Galloping Gertie, collapses in 1940. It is four months old.
In 1944, Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected for a fourth term as President
President Lyndon Johnson establishes the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS) in 1967
The Congress overrides a Presidential Veto and establishes the War Powers Act in 1973
The US Senate is bombed in 1983 causing $250,000 in damage
Magic Johnson retires from the NBA in 1991
In 1994, WXYC provides the first Internet radio broadcast
Hillary Clinton is elected to Congress in 2000. She is the first current and / or former First Lady to hold office

Captain James Cook, explorer (1728)
Maria Sklodowska-Curie (Madam Curie) (1867)
Leon Trotsky, Russian revolutionary (1879)
Billy Graham, evangelist (1918)
Al Hirt, trumpeter (1922)

Liam Peterson (Tuesday)
Robert Rosero

The actual (Georgian Calendar) date of the Russian “October Revolution” which overthrew the Tsars and ultimately created the USSR. Under the Julian Calendar, it was still October.
(Russia [unofficial], Belarus, Kyrgystan)

Please share your Halloween candy with a US Serviceman. Your science teacher will collect Halloween Candy for troops today!

Please speak with Mr. Cormack today if you are a tuba, euphonium or baritone horn player and are interested in performing at the New Britain Tuba Christmas on December 15.

Congratulations to the winners of the yearbook cover design contest!
1st place: Ariana DiDomenico and Savanna Serafin
2nd place: Aliana Wicik
The winning designs will be placed on the front and back covers of this year's yearbooks. Congratulations!

Yearbooks are now available for pre-order. Please visit to reserve your copy!

Mrs. Despres and the Student Council thank everyone who donated to the Thanksgiving Food Drive last week! We had a car full of food that we brought to Pistol Creek to be added to “Baskets for Berlin” families in need! Thanks again for your generosity!

Members of the Photography Club who have attended the first two meetings and are interested in taking part in this week’s “Photo Friday” should sign up outside Room 216.

Tryouts for boys basketball will be held in the gym from 2:30 – 5:00pm on the following dates:
Monday, Nov. 12 for 6th grade
Wednesday, Nov. 14 for 7th grade
Tuesday, Nov. 13 and Thursday, Nov. 15 for 8th grade
Sign up online and complete both the physical form and the permission slip.

The McGee PTO Membership Drive is now over but it’s still not too late for parents / guardians to join the McGee PTO! PTO supports special events such as McGee's Book Fairs, Dances and the 8th grade trip to Washington DC!

For only $10, your parents or guardians can become members of the McGee PTO! The grade level with the largest increase in memberships between October 15th and November 2nd will earn a free recess period. Keep an eye on your grade level's membership thermometer on display in the cafeteria!


Gr 6 – 16.8% membership
Gr 7 – 12.7% membership
Gr 8 – 8.5% membership
Congratulations to Grade 6! You have won the recess!

Both the Boys and Girls Cross Country teams competed at the 26th Annual Middle School St. Championship this past Sunday. On a very muddy course the teams competed in 4 different divisions. The Boys A race saw McGee finish in 16th place out of 51 teams. Top runners for McGee were Austin Vale da Serra and Sean Colello. In the Girls A race McGee finished 32nd out of 50 teams. The top 2 runners for McGee were Claudia Jankovich and Lizzie Fitzsimmons.

For the boys in the B race the best performance of the day was given by Alessandro D'Arena who finished in 7th place, Freddie Martin who finished in 16th place and Daniel Akier who finished 46th. All three boys earned medals for finishing in the top 50. The Boys B team placed 5th out of 29 teams. In the Girls B race the top two finishers were Nina DeGrandi and Olivia Marolda.

Mr. Griswold and Mr. Dix congratulate both teams for a great season and are looking forward to continuing next season. All uniforms should be returned to Mr. Dix by Thursday. Please place your clean uniforms and warm ups in a bag labeled with your name.