Daily Announcements October 17, 2018

Daily Announcements October 17, 2018
McGee LogoToday is Day 3
The rotation for today is: HR-A-B-C-D-E-F-G

Today’s lunch is:
Chicken Patty
Lettuce, Tomato
Oven Fries
Choice of Fruit


Cyrus the Great marches into Babylon and releases the Jewish nation from 70 years of exile on this date in 539 BCE.
General John Burgoyne surrenders his army to the Americans at Saratoga, NY on this date in 1777.
General Lord Cornwallis surrenders to the Americans and the French at the siege of Yorktown on this date in 1781.
Thomas Edison files for a patent on the “Optical Phonograph”, the first movie, on this date in 1888.
Gugliemo Marconi begins the first commercial transatlantic wireless service on this date in 1907. He is not the inventor of radio.
Al Capone is convicted of income tax evasion on this date in 1931.
Albert Einstein flees Nazi Germany on this date in 1933.
For the first time in World War II, a German submarine attacks an American ship on this date in 1941.
The first commercial nuclear power station was opened on this date in 1956 by Queen Elizabeth II.
OPEC starts an oil embargo against countries it felt helped Israel on this date in 1973.
Mother Theresa receives the Nobel Peace Prize on this date in 1979.
Taipei 101 briefly becomes the world’s tallest building when a pinnacle is fitted onto its roof on this date in 2003.

Shinichi Suzuki, violin teacher (1898)
Jerry Siegel, creator of Superman comics (1914)
Arthur Miller, playwright (1915)
Rita Hayworth, actress (1918)
Montgomery Clift, actor (1920)
Robert Atkins, nutritionist (1930)
Evel Knievel, stuntman (1938)
Margot Kidder, actress [Lois Lane] (1948)
George Wendt, actor [Norm] (1948)
Ziggy Marley, Reggae musician (1968)
Eminem (Marshall B. Mathers), rapper (1972)
Faithe Barkoski
Krista Blackey
Landon Viera

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Oct 18: 8th grade band (no percussion)
CHORUS: 7th & 8th grade boys
Oct. 23: 7th grade band (no percussion)
CHORUS: 6th grade
Oct 25: 8th grade band (no percussion)
Oct: 30: 7th and 8th grade percussion ONLY
CHORUS: Northern Region students

The Co-exist club will meet this Thursday at 2:20pm in the main office until the late bus.

Math Counts will meet on Friday this week, after school until 3:00 in Room 120. See Mr. Beaupre with any questions.

The Garden Club will meet today until 3:00 in Room 111.

Join the McGee Middle School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Membership Drive and earn a free recess for your entire grade! For the next two weeks, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students will compete against one another to see which grade level will have the most parents or guardians join the PTO. PTO supports special events such as McGee's Book Fairs, Dances and the 8th grade trip to Washington DC!

For only $10, your parents or guardians can become members of the McGee PTO! The grade level with the largest increase in memberships between October 15th and November 2nd will earn a free recess period. Keep an eye on your grade level's membership thermometer on display in the cafeteria!

The McGee Boys Varsity Soccer Team defeated Johnson Middle School yesterday by a score of 11-1. Josh Grimm and Nick Vignone has two goals each, while Tommy Lewis, Colby Nardelli, Hamza Mourabit, Mason Arborio, Kyle Pinto, Michael Palmeri and Manny Leone also scored. Nardelli led the team with 4 assists, with Noah Arce dishing out two of his own.

The JV team also won their game. Ryan Hines scored off an assist from Brayden Chance, and Chance scored off an assist from Alex George.

The team plays Wilson Middle School today at Percival Field.

McGee Girls Soccer team cruised to a 6-1 victory yesterday. Talia Impelluso, Taylor Bellizzi (2 goals), Katie Lukens, Alyssa O'Leary, and Jenna Wenzel all scored for the girls. Come watch the girls as they battle Wilson MS today at 3:30!

The boys and girls cross country teams ran at home against Cromwell yesterday. The girls all ran their best times of the season at Pistol Creek’s 2 mile course.

The girls were led by 6thgrader Olivia Cleland who came in second recording the fastest time of the season at home for the girls. She was followed by Haley Campanelli in 5th, Lizzie Fitzsimmons in 6th, Anna Butrimas in 9thand Katie Tierney finishing in 10th. Cromwell won by a 23-32 score.

The boys team also had several personal best in their race as they defeated Cromwell by a perfect 15-50 score. Leading the way for McGee was Austin Vale da Serra who finished 1stoverall. Austin was followed by Sean Colello in 2nd, Ryan Brown in 3rd, Jack Baclaski in 4th, Xander Gabor in 5th, Alessandro D’Arena in 6th, Alexander Miloszewski in 7th, Elijah Burgos in 8th and William Webber in 10th.