K-12 Fine Arts Philosophy
“The Berlin Public Schools Fine Arts Department is committed to fostering a community of creative, innovative, and passionate learners who value and celebrate diversity in a global society through shared experiences in the arts. All learners will be provided with meaningful opportunities in the arts to further develop a deeper form of self-expression, empowering them to become lifelong participants, appreciators, and advocates of the fine arts.”

K-12 Visual Art Program Goals
Students will create art by generating, organizing, developing, and refining artistic work.
Students will develop, analyze, and convey meaning through the presentation and production of artistic work.
Students will perceive, interpret, and evaluate artistic work.
Students will relate artistic ideas and works to personal, community, and cultural contexts.

The Catherine M. McGee Middle School Art Department provides students with an education in the arts through experiences that are fun, rewarding, and challenging. During this period of transition, we build on knowledge and skills acquired at the elementary level, experiencing new studio techniques and processes, while preparing for more in-depth experiences in later years. Each student will develop their ability to create, analyze, respond, and connect at the Middle School level. Here Art class is a place where students can achieve success through creative problem-solving, artistic risk-taking, and personal expression.


Dave Holland
Heather Ripley