K-12 Fine Arts Philosophy
“The Berlin Public Schools Fine Arts Department is committed to fostering a community of creative, innovative, and passionate learners who value and celebrate diversity in a global society through shared experiences in the arts. All learners will be provided with meaningful opportunities in the arts to further develop a deeper form of self-expression, empowering them to become lifelong participants, appreciators, and advocates of the fine arts.”

K-12 Music Program Goals
Students will create music using knowledge of musical concepts and achieving proficiency in music literacy.
Students will develop and refine artistic techniques to be effective performers.
Students will analyze, interpret, and evaluate artistic work.
Students will value music as a vehicle of human expression within various cultural and historical contexts through a variety of artistic forms.

The Catherine M. McGee Middle School Music Department seeks to build the character and citizenship of each member, assisting each child to attain their own personal best. The students develop individual skills, realize a sense of belonging, and establish connections to the community. The music classes are designed to help the young singer and instrumentalist enhance skills that emphasize essential performance techniques, how to read music and experience the enjoyment of being a member of a music ensemble. Students also have the opportunity to develop their potential for musical expression through performing, creating, and responding to music. Students will have the opportunity to perform in small groups, large concerts, parades, and other community events to help them develop into successful, confident performers.



Marlene Bradshaw
Band & General Music

Corinne Terlecky
Chorus & General Music